We started the planning for a new playground on August 1, 2016. The insurance company informed us that all but one piece of the current playground equipment needed to be removed. We established a plan, a budget and a contract with GameTime Play Systems, which was presented to the town counsel on November 7, 2016. We spent 2017-2018 raising money and applying for grants to help with the purchase of the playground equipment. We took out a loan with Union State Bank of Hazen in November 2017 (repaid March 2018) and August 2018 (repaid November 2018), which allowed us to fulfill our contract with GameTime and purchase the engineered fiber. We have raised all of the money needed to complete our project.

We started installing the new playground in the evenings and weekends this summer of 2018. The new playground is now located in the old baseball diamond. The picture below is our current state (May 2019). We had to reschedule the installation of the engineered fiber, edging and weed barrier for spring due to weather conditions. We will install the last few items in June. A plaque will be present by the park to let everyone know what businesses contributed to this project.

This has been a project where all different kinds of people with the same common goal came together. When we look back at the last couple of years. It took several passionate parents, grand parents and business owners together to create a safe place for all kids to play in Pick City. This would not have been possible without everyone's part.

2019 Park Plans